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Games at 6pm and 7pm at “The Sac”

The FRC play two games this week, per the norm.  6pm and 7pm at “The Sac,” a.k.a. Lac Lavon, Field D. 

6pm vs. Lucky’s 13 / LaFonda’s

7pm vs. Varmits

What is interesting about the current Burnsville D/E Recreational League Standings is that whilst the FRC may be in sixth place (out of eight teams) in the standings, they have only scored one less run than H-Bombs, who occupies half of first place. 

One thing the schedule simply cannot measure is how the FRC really come together after Memorial Day.  History simply does not lie. 

The forecast 48 hours prior to first pitch says there will be a high of 67 degrees and a low of 57 degrees. 

1 comment to Games at 6pm and 7pm at “The Sac”

  • Mike

    We could slide anywhere in the standings, at any time. Parity. It’s great for our fans.

    SFRC Fans remain “The greatest fans in D/E rec softball.”

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