Opening Night

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June 4th Recap

The SFRC checked the calendar, noticed it was post-Memorial Day and got after it in Game 1. Hits came with no outs, hits came with one out and, in typical PMD (post-Memorial Day) fashion for the FRC, hits came with two outs. Even Walt couldn’t get us to stop hitting. The starting pitcher for Lucky […]

Games at 6pm and 7pm at “The Sac”

The FRC play two games this week, per the norm. 6pm and 7pm at “The Sac,” a.k.a. Lac Lavon, Field D.

6pm vs. Lucky’s 13 / LaFonda’s

7pm vs. Varmits

What is interesting about the current Burnsville D/E Recreational League Standings is that whilst the FRC may be in sixth place (out of eight […]