Opening Night

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June 25 (0-2) – Fans and balm were both at Neill

It was plenty toasty by game time (85 degrees).  85 degrees = POBB (Plenty O’ Bag Balm).  The ball was carrying a bit in the humidity.  We had a full squad of 12 leaders, but by 10pm we were two leaders crossing home short from going 0-0-2 for the evening.  Nonetheless, we had a sold out FRC crowd of five fans.

Game 1 vs. Speedy Turtles (1st Place)

The SFRC came out swinging and scoring.  A quick five runs put the 1st Place Speedy Turtles on their heels.  Matty smoked a line drive that went off the pitcher’s knee.  This became a theme for the evening.  The SFRC buzzed the pitcher at least six times thoughout the game.  We are still hoping they kids don’t think that was intentional.  Being the seasoned veterans that we are, we were not prepared for the arms from the outfield.  We were thrown out on the basepaths at least twice. 

“Red” may have cheated us out of the last inning calling time after the sixth.  This happened to be exactly when the FRC were planning to make their move.  Such is life on Neill Field B.  This simply would not have happened on Neill Field A (a.k.a. SFRCP). 

Final Score: Speedy Turtles 10 – SFRC 9 (one leader crossing the plate away from a tie)

Game 1 Highlights:

1.  Lars with a “Play of the Day” catch in left.  He even managed to keep his ribs in check.

2.  Mikey’s bomb to right-center


Game 2 vs. Team Ziegler (Last Place)

For some reason known only to the softball gods and Him, the FRC have always struggled against the last place Team Ziegler.  The gimp was on the mound for Team Ziegler.  The FRC struggled to put hits together.  They didn’t have their typical “post-Memorial Day two out rally” or their “post-Memorial Day bat around the lineup one inning” rallies and scratched and clawed their way to eight runs for the game.  Team Ziegler wasn’t too much better. 

“Wasn’t too much better” does still mean they were better and SFRC took their second loss of the night.  The first two game “0’fer” in the post-Memorial Day season.

Final score: Team Ziegler 9 – SFRC 8 (again, one leader crossing the plate away from a tie)

Game 2 Highlights:

1. Brain’s backhand stop at third and bullet to 1st for an out

2. The gimp hitting into a 1-4-3 double play.   If the gimp were a RC, he’d be bringing a 12-pack in two weeks. 


LAST OUT (owing beverages in two weeks):

Game 1 = Paht, formerly known as 2-4

Game 2 = Matty – Taking after our very own Mr. Clutch on us with an F7 (just missing by the way)


Night: Again, Mrs. H out.  It was the first evening of the season a third baseman of record didn’t have to go with the flanel or burlap lined cup to produce balm.  The FRC continue to struggle with Mayo onsite (MWC courtesy of Lars).  As always, we would prefer to go 0’fer the season and have Mayo. 

Fan of the Game: There were many to choose from to be sure.  After an early charge by Speedy Turtles, Senior (for fetching all the HR and foul balls) Ol’ # 8 prevailed.  Good to see TO again.  And THANKS to all the other fans who found time for an evening of memories, Blizzard’s in hand.

Flashback of the evening: Midnight babushka from passerby at Lac Lavon, circa 1999?

Neill, Field B finally closed it down around midnight.  Hello, Mr. Early Thursday morning. 

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