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On Our Way to Third Place

It was significantly warmer in Week #2 than Week #1. Temperatures were in the mid to upper 50’s. Earlier in the day the forecast called for a 70% chance of showers. Again, that may have been true at Burnsville Mall, but certainly not at the park. It was nice to be back at SFRCMP […]

CP Prefers B&W TV, Rotary Phones and Everything Else 1975

Another week of Schlitz Gusto Guy softball and more lessons learned. First, the evening only gets more entertaining as the minutes turn to hours and a 7:30pm arrival turns into an 11:30pm departure. If there is one constant in the 20+ years of SFRC / Schlitz Gusto Guy softball, it is the conversations and laughter […]

Darrin Nelson, Barry Sanders, Billy Simms and the SFRC…All 20 (2-0)

It was 71 degrees, not a cloud in the skies and winds from left to right. It was absolutely “Mrs. H” for a season opener. Without question the SFRC were in mid-season form. Physically and mentally. That only happens in Week #1 when teams spend 12 months a year together. This only happens by […]