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CP Prefers B&W TV, Rotary Phones and Everything Else 1975

Another week of Schlitz Gusto Guy softball and more lessons learned.  First, the evening only gets more entertaining as the minutes turn to hours and a 7:30pm arrival turns into an 11:30pm departure.  If there is one constant in the 20+ years of SFRC / Schlitz Gusto Guy softball, it is the conversations and laughter after the lights go out.  In the spirit of trying to keep this site somewhat “clean,” I’ll have to do my best to document the conversations on the night of June 9th, 2010 in code.  The night started with the FNG stating “McLovin’, I’m going to get dirty tonight too.”  For what it’s worth, the FNG was also planning on sliding into base or making a diving catch as well.  It only got better from there.

Entering June 9ths games the Schlitz Gusto Guys (a.k.a. LEADERS) were batting seven points higher than we finished last season.  And, we had hit one more HR than we had all of last season.  Numbers don’t lie.  Let’s recap the games.

Game #1 vs. Team Ziegler

There is not another team we have been more evenly matched with in the past decade.  Our games against Team Ziegler always seem to be one or two run games and at the end of the season we have split wins and losses.  This game was no different.  The game was back and forth with the lead changing hands at least three times.  Cinco welcomed the evening with a L O N G homerun to left-center.  McLovin’ (a.k.a. Sans) hit a hard shot up the middle that hit the pitcher’s shoulder.  Brain immediately commented that it was the hardest ball Sans has hit in 10 years.  It was smoked.  Worth mentioning, no one in the league tries to steer clear of the pitcher more than Sans.  Unfortunately, this one was a direct hit.  “Sorry Team Ziegler pitcher.”  T-Mac, Ryan and Sans were all 3×3 in Game #1.   Brain and Pauly each had two walks and the Schlitz Gusto Guys took an unprecedented seven walks as a team.  This is unofficially a Gusto Guy team record.

The game was played at a very quick pace thanks to a few four pitch innings for both teams.  It was played so quickly that the ump was willing to let us play an 8th inning if we were able to tie the game in the bottom of the 7th.  Unfortunately, Pub Krull missed this opportunity.  But don’t worry, redemption would be had before ol’ #36’s head hit the pillow for the night (read on).

T-Mac did feel the need to berate the FNG in front of his teammates.  It’s important to know we never, under any circumstance, use the term “leader” when referring to an individual on an opposing team.  For the past few weeks we have heard the FNG yell out, “No outs, who is going to get the leader?”  We have straightened this out.  From now on it will be, “No outs, who is going to get the first one?”

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 7 – Team Ziegler 10

Last out: Pub Krull

Game #2 vs. Moose Knucklers

The Schlitz Gusto Guys remembered how they fell apart in Game #2 last week.  Determined not to do the same this week, we came out swinging and fielding.   We moved positions quite a bit and Kurty pitched a solid game and fielded 4-5 balls up the middle as well.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys were down 12-10 heading into the top of the 7th.  “We need three to take the lead.”  Lars started off the inning with a single.  After an out, Al lined a single to center.  Two men on, one out and Pub Krull stepping to the dish looking to avenge his game #1 ending strikeout.  BAM!  Three run homerun by Pub Krull.  A truly “clutch” homerun.  Brain followed that up with a single and Matty also lined a single to left-center.  Ol’ 35 flew out to left for out number two.  Cinco stepped up and on his own personal mission to lead the squad in homeruns playing only part-time, he launched a three-run homerun to deep left-center field.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys are CLUTCH!  In the field Brain and CP locked it down to finish the win.

Matty was 4×4 with four runs scored.  Pub Krull had three runs scored.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 16 – Moose Knucklers 12

Last out: Pauly

Fan of the night: TO!  Also, Patsy and friend (see quotes).

Nightcap conversation:

In an effort to keep this website “work appropriate,” this may be somewhat cryptic for those that were not closing down SFRCMP at 11:30pm.  I apologize.

I think we can safely make the following assumptions about CP:

  • He prefers a rotary telephone
  • He prefers to watch television in black and white
  • He prefers the shaggy orange/yellow/green carpet over hardwood floors, area rugs or even a nice Berber carpet
  • When leaving SFRCMP Field B, he prefers to walk on the right side of the hill (most others choose the less “nappy” left side of the hill)
  • He loves the Amish way of life
  • He wished he was in that room at St. Thomas circa 1993
  • He likes to navigate more than drive

And why?  Because that’s how “they” liked lived in 1975.  The counter argument of course, is simply that “things change” and generally they get better.  If this wasn’t true, they wouldn’t change at all.  We’d still be sending telegrams and the Hindenburg would just be one of many airship disasters if it were up to CP.  Instead, in 2010 we speak on the phone, send emails and travel via jets.

Some other notes worth mentioning:

  • Pub Krull carries a Tommy Hilfiger sack for his shoes, etc.
  • The FNG has the nicest shaved head….(we’ll leave it there)

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