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Recap of June 2, 2010 Almost Requires Separate Posts

It was beautiful out on the evening of June 2, 2010.   A night which couldn’t be matched since mid-2009.  Dare I this evening was gorgeous (a.k.a. Mrs. H)?  It was almost too nice out.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys were ready early.  We had a full squad of 13 leaders about 15 minutes before game time.  These early arrivals lead to a pre-game jog (see below) for a few of the Gusto Guys.  Unprecedented.  Not as unprecedented was the 118 cans of adult beverages available for consumption by the Schlitz Gusto Guys (a quick note to the good folks at Schlitz – apparently we have upped the purchasing).  This leads to an enjoyable evening of softball with the Schlitz Gusto Guys.  We are nothing if not a team that enjoys a nice summer evening with a large number of adult beverages.

Gusto Guys Run from 35 on Vimeo.

Game #1 vs. Edina Realty BCO

With the pre-game runs in a couple of Schlitz Tall Boys down, we were ready to play.  This game was a textbook Schlitz Gusto Guy softball game.  We fielded our positions and hit the ball all over the park.  We turned a less-than-smooth double play moved runners around the bases.  The Gusto Guys played so well this game ended in the 6th inning because of the “Mercy” rule.  Better yet, we didn’t have any outs in the 6th when the game ended.  That leaves the last out to Greg (FNG) back in the 5th inning.  Never make the last out of the inning, it could count as the last out of the game!  Everybody hit the ball well.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 18 – Edina Realty BCO 3

Last out: FNG got forced out

Play of the game: CW going back and to his right…looking at the ball….staring at the fence…looking at the ball….winking at the fence…grinning….jumping….making the catch in right-center.

Game #2 vs. Celts Pub

Game #2 was the inverse of Game #1.  The sun was out in full force.  Apparently the Gusto Guys were impacted more than Celts Pub.  Ol’ 35 booted countless balls (including a couple of triple play opportunities).  We did come about a step and a half of turning a triple play.  Potentially the second closest the Gusto Guys have been to turning a triple play (see the archives for the other).  We were one Kurty lighter for Game #2 as he hopped on a team that was short for the 7pm game.  We definitely could have used him since Ryan may have been the only Gusto Guy with two hits in our second game of the night.  Sans did let out a solid grunt for a line drive hit in the last inning.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 6 – Celts Pub 14

Last out: Lars

Fan of the night: We had a very solid showing.  Potentially the largest crowd in Schlitz Gusto Guy history.  However, the winner of “Fan of the Night” goes to 2’s niece all the way from Chicago (potentially our second longest commute for a fan – Pappa Lars has made the trip from Arizona in the past)


  • The average age of the Schlitz Gusto Guys on June 2, 2010 was 44 years old
  • At 10:30pm (4.5 hours after the first pitch) we could still field a team of nine leaders
  • The average age of the Gusto Guys still at the fields at 10:30pm?  46 years old
  • It never makes sense to park in the upper ramp at Lac Lavon.  This is true for countless reasons, but one reason stands alone.  That reason was clear just west of the beach circa 1998.  BABUSHKA my friends….babushka.  Again, NEVER park in the upper ramp.

An unscripted highlight from our friend Walt (you may need to listen closely / turn up the volume):

Leader from 35 on Vimeo.

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