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There is No Quit in the Gusto Guys

Tall Boy Trifecta Schlitz Gusto Guys

We’ve been waiting for a night like May 19th.  It was “Mrs. H.”  The temperature at game time was about 74 degrees and sunny, with very little breeze.  May 19th is a good day for a few reasons.  It is Kevin Garnett’s birthday.  May 19, 2010 is the 6th anniversary of one of the greatest Game 7 performances in NBA history.  KG went off for 32 points, 21 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 steals and 5 blocks in an 83-80 Timberwolves win.

May 19, 2010 was also a night where the Schlitz Gusto Guys did what they do.  Hit, run, hit, run, make plays, hit some more, come back from trailing, and potentially most importantly, shut down the field at around 11:15pm after finishing our last Schlitz Tall Boys.  Delicious.

Game #1 vs. Beer Me

First and foremost we’d like to recognize our opponents as fellow Schlitz Tall Boy drinkers.  It was nice to see another squad with Schlitz Tall Boys enjoying some D/E Class softball on a beautiful evening.  The game was back and forth throughout.  The Shlitz Gusto Guys took an early 3-1 lead and extended it to 4-1 by the 4th inning.  Beer Me put a run of their own together and took the lead 9-8 heading into the top of the 7th.  The Gusto Guys have no quit in them.  Heard as we approached the dugout, “We need two to take the lead.”  We have been over this before, but you will never hear “one to tie” from a Gusto Guy dugout.  We are more optimistic.  It is simply “Two to lead” or “Two to win” for us.  And so, we went on a hit parade.  Leader = Single, Leader = Single, Leader = Single, Leader = Single, Leader = Single, Leader = Single, Leader = Single….One at a time the Gusto Guys stepped up got a hit and moved the runners, got a hit and scored a runner.  As we took the field in the bottom of the 7th we were up 13-9.  We locked them down and completed the win.

Beer Me was more than just a little impressed / jealous of the Schlitz uniforms.  The Gusto Guys were looking GOOD!

Sans hit well and Cinco made his 2010 debut without getting out.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 14 – Beer Me 10

Last out: Matty

Game #2 vs. Televant

We witnessed a SFRC / Schlitz Gusto Guy first.  Please read the next sentence slowly and make sure you understand the significance…..Sans started Game #2 on May 19, 2010 with a Snapper Mow’em down inning.  Yes, he struck out the side.  He struck out batters 1, 2 and 3. This may not have only been a SFRC / Schlitz Gusto Guy first, this might be a first for the State of Minnesota.

The Gusto Guys jumped to an early lead 14-1 after three innings.  Televant mounted an impressive comeback and plated 10 in the top of the fourth.  Hanging on to a 14-11 lead, the Schlitz Gusto Guys did what they do….hit, hit, hit, hit and score, hit and score, hit and score, hit and score and on and on and on.  We pushed 10 of our own.

Cinco had his first homerun of the year (see quote page for more details).

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 24 – Televant 11

Si Cinco! from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

Brain showing off his range here:

Brain’s Range from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

One of the two double plays turned by the Gusto Guys:

Double Play from Tom McInerney on Vimeo.

Last out: Pub Krull (on a double play no less)

Fan of the night: Mrs. Pauly

Quote of the night: Too many to list, you’ll have to look at the Quotes page.

The Schlitz Gusto Guys stuck around enjoying the Schlitz Tall Boys until 11:15pm….PER THE NORM!

No words needed

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