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July 1st – The Tale of Two Games

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 looked a little gloomy when the alarm went off in the morning.  It drizzled most of the morning but cleared up in the afternoon and was “Mrs. H” by 5pm.  It was 74 degrees and sunny.  It was good to be back “home” (Neill) after a two month road trip.  There was no wind.  It was a brilliant night for two, save for the nats.

Game #1 vs. TC Crush

Slow pitch softball is a hitter’s game.  It is extremely difficult to win a slow pitch softball game when you only score one run.  The one run scored was actually fairly decent considering we only had four hits as a team.  Aside from Kurty’s four or five highlight stops / catches, there isn’t much worth discussing from this game.  We lost by the mercy rule 16-1.  Could the SFRC put 16 runs on the board in the next at bat?  Could we have rallied for a big win or made a game of it?  We will never know.  Pub Krull and CW both chased down a fly ball to right center, both could have caught and both let it drop.  Some would call it an error.  The FRC know that it was just our way of showing up TC Crush.  It was as if to say, we had TWO guys that could have made this play, but didn’t want to.  Take that!  J

Final score:   SFRC 1 – TC Crush 16

Last out: ??

Plays of the game:

In the field: “Skin and Play” had three or four great diving backhanded stops at third and almost threw a guy out whilst he was on the ground and threw the ball backwards and underhand.  However, the best play was a blooper down the line that is the shortstop’s ball all day, except the FRC SS is the slowest guy on the team.  Kurty made a diving over the shoulder catch.  Great catch.  Honorable mention: CW bare-handing a line drive single that was coming in hot.  I think TC Crush was a bit intimidated by that play.

At the plate: Ol’ # 35 accounted for two of the FRC four hits.  Both of 35’s hits were smoked…absolute shots that are hits in any league at any level.  We were lucky the balls were still useable after those two hits.  Or were they two terrible swings that simply found the grass somehow?  I can’t remember.

Game #2 vs. Moose Knucklers

In typical FRC style, we would not let a Game #1 collapse impact our effort in Game #2.  The FRC made quick work defensively to start the game without allowing a run.  In the bottom of the first we were able to score three (two more than the first game).  The Moose Knucklers knew they were in trouble.  The FRC just weren’t going to lose two at home on this night.  There were runs scored virtually every inning by the FRC and the lead continued to grow.  Sans had a chance to pitch a shutout, but

Final score:   SFRC 12 – Moose Knucklers 2

Last out: ??

Plays of the game:

In the field:  

1.      Matty tracking down a ton of fly balls in left center

2.      Brain throwing to 1st as Cinco jogged off the field since an inning ending double play had already been made

At the plate:  A number of two out hits.  Also CW with a few great softball swings and line drives up the middle.  Skin ‘n’ Play going off the pitcher twice. 

Fans of the night:

The SFRC has a very solid showing of fans.  A big shout out to all of them (and especially Joanne for showing up early)!  Fan of the night may have to go to Oliver for attending his first game of the year.

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