Opening Night

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Neill Field A

There’s no place like home….There’s no place like home. 

Game #1 vs. Junior Varmits

We were back.  Back “at home.”  a.k.a. SFRCP.  For the first time this year.  It was good to be “home.”  After years playing against Varmits, they have slowly migrated to the “sons of Varmits.”  I have no issue with this and it is actually pretty neat to see.  The only issue is that the “Junior Varmits” are faster, quicker, get to more balls and make more plays.  July 8th was no exception.  They had two shortstops playing different innings and both of them probably made two or three plays (resulting in outs) that would not have been made by other teams in our league.  A positive note about the “Junior Varmits” is that they play at least 40% quicker than their fathers.  We have no problem getting seven innings in with the “Junior Varmits.”  This was always an issue with their seniors.  The FRC struggled with the bats a bit, but hung in there for most of the game. 

Final score:   SFRC 4 – Junior Varmits 7

Last out: Shane?

Plays of the game:

In the field: Without question a top five play of the year (maybe THE play of the year) Lars laying out for a ball right down the line in left field.  He got a good jump on the ball, tracked it down and went “Super Lars” make a diving catch parallel to the turf that is SFRCP. 

At the plate: TO making a comeback after almost four years on the shelf.  He does not need to justify his roster spot, but he went 3-3 for any doubters that were around. 

Game #2 vs. H-Bombs

In typical FRC fashion, we came back for Game #2 with a chip on our collective shoulders.  It was leader, leader, leader for seven innings.  We left a number of runners on base, but delivered when we had to.

Final score:   SFRC 12 – H-Bombs 6

Last out: I feel like someone was forced out at second base???

Plays of the game:

In the field:  Solid defense by the entire SFRC squad.  Sans made a nice “Matrix like” catch on a line drive up the middle (or was this in Game #1?).

At the plate:  TO again hit the ball solid.  Kurty made a big play after his legs gave out (something about batting lefty) scoring after putting some pressure on the catcher.

Fans of the night:

Chad and Mrs. Chad made it to the park.  It was nice to see them.

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