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Fear Jackal / “Yours is Bigger than Mine”

In case no one noticed, it was sunny on July 15th, 2009.  The wind was blowing too.  For any opposing team reading, it’s worth mentioning….The FRC don’t lose when Jackal can be heard.  Numbers don’t lie. 

Game #1 vs. Celts Pub

The SFRC can get it done many different ways.  In Game #1 of the evening we took advantage of the extra outs Celts Pub gave us.  We also took bases when they threw to the wrong base.  Most of all we hit.  It was Leader, leader, leader, all the way through the line-up.  The FRC simply hammered the ball and never took their foot off the gas.  After taking a 22-11 lead, Celts Pub scored a run after Ol’ #35 booted a tailor made triple play ball.  But as the FRC are wont to do, we came back to score four and win 26-12. 

Final score:   SFRC 26 – Celts Pub 12

Last out: Matty

Plays of the game:

In the field: After T-Mac charged a ball, picked it up with his glove and through the runner out at first, Ryan said, “you need to bare-hand that ball next time.”  The very next batter hit a ball that Ryan had to charge.  #7 put the glove in his pocket, bare-handed the ball and calmly through to first to end the game.   

At the plate: Leader, Leader, Leader, Leader, etc.  I think everyone hit the ball well.   I believe the FRC batted around twice in this game.

Game #2 vs. Edina Realty

The other way the SFRC get it done is by doing “just enough.”  With the sun setting right over the pitcher’s shoulder seeing the ball was more than a small issue.  I do not think a single ball went over an outfielder’s head for either team.  There were at least four or five swings and misses and countless lazy ground balls hit by both teams.  This was clearly the worst conditions I have ever experienced considering there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  The FRC did not bat around in Game #2 of the evening, but we did put a few hits together and scored some runs.  Let the record show that the SFRC won with the wind blowing directly in.  Possibly the first win EVER with the wind blowing in. 

Final score:   SFRC 8 – Edina Realty 7

Last out: T-Mac

Plays of the game:

In the field:  There are at least three candidates.

1.      Kurty made a great diving backhanded stop at short and threw to third for a force out.

2.      Pub Krull made a diving/rolling catch in left center to steal a hit.

3.      T-Mac took a few slow motion steps with cinder blocks on his feet and jumped (using that term loosely) to make a catch with two outs and two on with a one run lead to end the game.

At the plate:  I have no idea who got a hit.  All I could see were sun spots.

Fans of the night:

Clearly it is good to see Patsy week in and week out, but this week’s fans of the night have to go to Mrs. Pub Krull and “little miss giggles” (that was on her shirt).  We give it to the Pub Krull family for letting him show up Sans and stay for a few refreshments after the game. 

Quotes of the night (The list really could go on and on):

·         “Yours is bigger than mine.”

·         “I have been thinking about coming out here to run my doodle.”

·         “She must have smelled my doodle.”

·         “Cute dog.”

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