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SFRC.BIZ Coming soon!

A team full of leaders needs it’s own website.  Here we go…

It came down to WWW.SFRC.BIZ (because it’s a business out there) or WWW.NEILLFIELDA.COM.  In the end SFRC.BIZ won out.  We’ll try to get an update or two out each week.  Currently, I’m hesitant to post anything about the two “headers” we had or the booted double play ball in the last inning we had in our last game. 

To the right you’ll see a few items of interest, including: Days until next game, links to the schedule, weather forecast (including wind speed – which is always a factor for the FRC), standings, etc.

The Fighting Red C0CK$ with their own website….FR!!

4 comments to SFRC.BIZ Coming soon!

  • Walt

    I still say he was out at second…

  • Little JC

    I couldn’t tell…the lights were in my eyes!!!

  • Drama

    Remember that almost triple play earlier this year.Our team is coming along well just need to make sure we get some helmets for the outfielders.

  • Drama

    Well maybe Pint can bring some of that 80’s hair he really likes to look at.I’m sure he has some pictures.Kind of fitting since we are playing the Varmits.

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