Opening Night

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Opening Night – 2017

April 27, 2017…Opening night for the SFRC leaders. Last week was nearing 70, today into tonight (first pitch at 8:00pm) should feel like 32’ish degrees. Not ideal, but we will play as leaders do. We have been moved up a level due to winning several one run games in 2016. The SFRC are coming off […]

2013 – Strange Year

In 18’ish years of SFRC softball I think we have had less than five games rained out. It is a well documented fact that the weather is perfect on Wednesday evenings in Burnsville during softball season. Something happened in 2013 that has ripped the pages out of the Farmer’s Almanac. Week #1 was cancelled due […]

Dress Rehearsal

It was a dress rehearsal, if you will. New jerseys, new hats, same cup all in play. We were at the fields and ready to play. Unfortunately the Mrs. Nature got the better of us and we didn’t play. It was good to start the year off with a short night of sodas, however.