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Opening Night – 2017

April 27, 2017…Opening night for the SFRC leaders. Last week was nearing 70, today into tonight (first pitch at 8:00pm) should feel like 32’ish degrees. Not ideal, but we will play as leaders do. We have been moved up a level due to winning several one run games in 2016. The SFRC are coming off […]

Off Season Film

Filmroom: Winter, 2015-2016

Leaders Lead

The SFRC Leaders are ready. The summer softball schedule kicks off 32 hours as of this post (31 hours if you count pre-game). All the check boxes have been covered:

Forecast is splendid (65 degrees and sunny) Ice cold beverages ready Legal bats ready for action 11 leaders available Loss of focus at work on […]

2012 – We Are Ready

After a few missteps (namely that our team name is Skyline and not SKYLINE on the official schedule) we are ready. Two weeks from today the SFRC are poised to kick off the 2012 “Mostly over 35, Usually Blessed / Sometimes Cursed” softball league. As part of our off season work out and planning session, […]

Book the FRC for 2010!

It’s official, we are registered for the highly competitive Wednesday evening D/E Recreational DOUBLE HEADER league. Okay, highly competitive may be a little aggressive. We do know we have double headers every Wednesday evening. We’d like to officially welcome back Greg Silkey to the FRC team. He will immediately pickup his role from his last […]