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Book the FRC for 2010!

It’s official, we are registered for the highly competitive Wednesday evening D/E Recreational DOUBLE HEADER league.  Okay, highly competitive may be a little aggressive.  We do know we have double headers every Wednesday evening.  We’d like to officially welcome back Greg Silkey to the FRC team.  He will immediately pickup his role from his last stint with the FRC of Skyline, owner of the “Kangaroo Court.”  For those who are unaware of this “Kangaroo Court,” it’s purpose is to assign penalties (beverages) for various softball mishaps (three fly balls, strikeouts, etc.).  Welcome back, Greg.

Upon seeing the news that we have added a “Greg” to our previous roster of existing “Greg’s,” the following comment was made (and immediately put into the Quotes Archive):

“Heavy on the Greg’s this year.  Sounds like runs…”

Clearly the off-season workout program is in full swing.  This is mid-season form.  You come up with lines like this only whilst running the hills at SFRCP in January.

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