Opening Night

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Heads Held High After Going 0-2

After a Week #1 rainout (at Lac Lavon), we have seen nothing but nice weather at SFRCP (numbers don’t lie).  We had 12 leaders ready to play ball on this evening that could only be described as Mrs. H.

Game #1 vs. The Replacements

The Replacements started with nine bodies and the FRC took advantage of the opportunity by scoring three early runs.  The game was back and forth throughout.  The FRC definitely gave The Replacements some free outs.  35 let a few go by, the outfield let a few go by and so it is in D/E Recreational softball.  The FRC kept their heads high, won the mental game and were in it until the end, coming up just short.  The ageless Walt was managing the field and influencing the game, as he is wont to do.  There were quite a few close plays and surprisingly I think Walt got most of them correct. 

Final Score: SFRC 8 – The Replacements 10

Play of the game: Sans sending a limping Aaron Rogers out to RC only to be called back in to play first base.   

Last out: CW??

Game #2 vs. TC Crush

A much anticipated showdown from two weeks ago when some bad blood was brewing.  I will tip my hat to TC Crush as they left that history alone.  Unfortunately, Aaron Roger had to hang it up after Game #1 due to a 50 year old hamstring.  It was a solid game for the FRC against a short-handed team.  Again, we didn’t play our best defensive game, but that will happen.  One thing that remains constant, the FRC have fun.  Per the norm, the SFRC stuck around and enjoyed some ice cold beverages after the game. 

Final Score: SFRC 14 – TC Crush 16

Play of the game: Sans, like a large preying cat, snagged a line drive up the middle.

Last out: ??

Fan of the night:

Bridget, attending her third week in a row is a valid candidate.  Patsy attending her first fall game after a solid summer showing is also a solid candidate.  However, TO wins the prize.  It’s always good to have TO at the ball park!

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