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Autumn Balm

Autumn Ball continues to serve up the humidity…the balm….the cheese.  It was 70 degrees, clear skies and a heat index into the upper 80’s I’m sure.

Game #1 vs. Property Claim Solutions

It was the SFRC vs. eight bodies from Property Claim Solutions.  That eighth person just made in time to avoid the forfeit.  This was good for everyone.  The FRC didn’t take advantage of the lack of fielders as they should have.  We only pushed three runs in the top of the 1st inning.  PCS came back with two of their own.  By the top of the 2nd inning, they had 10 fielders.  That’s okay, as the SFRC have never been a team that wanted to be gift-wrapped any victories.  We are willing to earn them.  The game went back and forth with PCS scoring more than the FRC through five innings.  In the top of the 6th the ump gave the “10 minutes left” call.  Ol’ 35 ended the FRC mini-rally by getting thrown out at 3rd base (NEVER make the first or last out at 3rd).  In the bottom of the 6th with the clock ticking PCS ran the softball equivalent of “the four corners.”  They were slow to walk up to the plate, slow to figure out who was “up,” slow to swing the bat, etc.  No matter, the defense locked it down when they needed to and got the three outs fairly quickly.  It was 13-10 heading into the top of the 7th.  We scratched and clawed our way to two runs.  With runners and 2nd and 3rd and one out Matty hit the hardest ball of the night.  Unfortunately, in 2009 we are not the only ones with a film room.  PCS had Matty played just right and their shortstop snagged the line drive.  And with two outs as the saying goes, even a blind squirrel finds a nut….blindsquirrel

35 somehow managed to hit one over to center for a three run HR and a two run lead (15-13).  MW and company continued the rally and we went on to score three more runs.  These were big as we gave up two runs in the bottom of the 7th, but again locked it down when we needed to and won the game.  Big comeback for the SFRC. 

Final Score: SFRC 18 – Property Claim Solutions 15

Play of the game: Brain knocking down a ground ball and turning to fire the runner out at 1st.

Last out: CP (they just beat him to first base on a fluke play)

Game #2 vs. Almost All-Stars

Sometimes a team is just better than you.  Almost All-Stars is simply better than the SFRC.  They are a good group of KIDS and they are fun to play against.  They play the game the right way and look like they are enjoying themselves.  In 25-30 years maybe they will still be playing.  Maybe they will be playing at the level of the 2009 version of the SFRC.  In two years, maybe they will be old enough to have a beer when they play. 

We scored early avoiding the dreaded shutout.  We just couldn’t put enough hits together.  We were probably 20-25 hits short in game #2.  There were some nice plays made in the field, but they simply hit the ball too well to make this a competitive game.

Final Score: SFRC 6 – Almost All-Stars 24

Play of the game: 2’s making a nice catch down the right field line and attempting a triple play.

Last out: Brain (even with the grunt)

Fan of the night:

Bridget (did I get the name right?) for the second week in a row.  At this point in Autumn ball, she is making an outstanding case for Autumn Fan of the Year.   That is not an easy award to earn. 

Words heard at SFRCP on 9/16/09:

Them: Hey, this guy is a switch hitter!

Us: Yeah, he bats left-handed and right-handed too.

Catcher: Big stick here.  This guy has a big stick.

Fielders: This guy is a good hitter too.

Bench: Nice sac, 2’s.  Great sac….Good time for an RBI too.

Leader: We named our dog Darrin.

Leader: If he gets taken out at the knees, he’ll be running in the pool.

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