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Bad Mojo Hanging over SFRCP

We should have expected it.  We should have known.  Red wanted to call the games before they had even started.  Red on “SFRCP Away” (a.k.a. Neill, Field B) came all the way over to SFRCP (a.k.a. Neill Field A) to try to get the games called.  He even tried to play the “I don’t want to see someone get hurt and then call the game” card.  Really?  Now the umpires are worried about safety?  Games at Alimagnet can be played with every leaf in Minnesota falling on the field with four inches of rain in less than an hour, but now the umpires are worried about safety when the infield isn’t even wet yet?  C’mon.  The SFRC have simply played too many games on too many nights over too many years to be taken for a “There are red cells in Prior Lake…This guy just talked to his wife and said it was down pouring in Prior Lake” argument.  Honestly, has “Mrs. Red” ever been to SFRCP?  Does she know bad weather simply disappears when it gets to SFRCP?  The leaders (read ALL SFRC ball players) have 15 years and roughly 500 games of experience at Neill.  Less than a year ago there were tornado sirens going off by Burnsville Mall, there were flood warnings on 35W, and there were blue skies over Neill.  That’s just how it works.  Even as it started to drizzle at 7:58pm I would have bet both Reds and Mrs. Red that we would get two games in on 9-9-09.  The weather people and the umpires can make all the claims they want about weather patterns and Doppler radars, but the fact of the matter is, NUMBERS DON’T LIE.  That’s how the farmer’s almanac was written.  Based on facts.  Two rainouts in 500 games, 0.004% of our games at Neill have been called due to weather.  The FRC simply couldn’t overcome all of that negatively energy surrounding SFRCP. 

Let’s play two! 

Game #1 vs. TC Crush

Shocker, the rain stopped and the humidity stayed by the second inning of Game #1. 

The FRC scratched and clawed their way to an early lead and it looked like this might be the game to upset TC Crush.  But of course, 3-5 threw a ball in the dirt which lead to a seven run inning for TC Crush and took the wind out of our sails.  The game turned ugly both physically and verbally as TC Crush started trying to go up the middle.  They thought they could pick on Sans.  The SFRCP Gods won’t allow it and immediately took 15 years off of Sans person and he made most every play up the middle (with an assist to Brain on the final out).  Sans was like a cat.  A large preying cat.  A panther.  A tiger.  Sans.  For any TC Crush players reading this, I hope you know there is a difference between a couple ground balls up the middle and 10 line drives up the middle to a 50 year old pitcher.   F’em.

In the end, we didn’t have enough.  We couldn’t put enough runs together after TC Crush found a 10th player.  We took it on the chin and lost by 10 or so.

Pauly, Steve and Nellie were welcome additions.  And surprisingly 35 went 4-5. 

Play of the Game: A line shot up the middle off of Sans leather and into Brain’s glove for a F-1-4. 

Last out: CW

Game #2 vs. White T-Shirts

Maybe the Red didn’t like Ol’ 35’s call of “I think we should call the game.  I hear there are red cells in Prior Lake” when he approached the field.  9-9-09 at 9pm.  Whoa…get ready.

The FRC jumped to an early 6-2 lead after two innings of clutch hits and Texas Leaguers.  Defensively we were not as fortunate.  After booting an easy double play ball, 35 picked up the ball standing on the base, but the red called the runner safe.  Two plays later red made a call worthy of D/E Recreational softball by botching an interference call.  And the flood gates opened.  15 runs and thick fog later the FRC found themselves trailing by too many to mount a comeback.  Thanks Red. 

The fog was so thick you could hardly see Field A and fly balls to the outfield were nearly impossible to read.  As thick as the fog was, it was not a fraction of the thickness of the balm.  She was PLENTY humid on 9-9-09 at 9pm.  Potentially 99% humidity.  It was all but raining.  Read that again Red…IT WAS NOT RAINING. 

CW ended 4-4 in Game #2 and 2’s had (and probably still has) a nice sac….and an RBI on a pop fly too.

Play of the Game: Steve scoops a ground ball throws to Brain at second for one out.  Brain turns and hurls to the plate for Paht to make a tag and the double play was made.

Last out: TMac

Fans of the night:

MW’s guest braving out the potential bad weather and staying for two!  I love it.  Even a guest, who as far as I know was an SFRCP virgin knew the weather wouldn’t claim this night.  Not on 9-9-09.  Not at SFRCP.  STICK IT Red!!

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