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Autumn Ball

“Autumn Ball” has begun.  This is two weeks late so I’ll do my best to briefly recap.  We will be referring to the season as “Autumn Ball” as opposed to “Fall Ball” or “Foul Ball” to keep Cinco in mind, who is taking a season off. 

Week  #1

After a rainout on the scheduled opening pitch the SFRC got it going at SFRCP. 

The SFRC broke into Autumn Ball with a win vs. Almost All-Stars (14-10).  It was a perfect night out and good times were had.  We struggled a bit in the second game of the evening falling to Almost All-Stars 25-13). 

We welcomed the addition of M-Dub, C-Dub’s brother. 

Quote of the night: “I think he’s a pedophile.”  We’ll keep the target and speaker anonymous. 

Week #2

Week #2 almost didn’t happen.  As of 7pm September 1st we only had seven players.  Sans was ready to mail it in, but Brain and T-Mac wouldn’t have it.  SFRC had another perfect night for two games!  Thanks to Bruce, Pauly and Potter we played two games.  In Game #1 we scratched and clawed and Sans pitched a brilliant game leading the FRC to a 4-3 victory over Railroad Specialties.  The FRC fell to Speady Turtles in Game #2 17-2. 

Fans of the night:

Clearly this goes to Mrs. C-Dub and daughter.  Thanks for coming out to SFRCP.

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