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Another Split – See You Thursday

Mrs. H, per the norm.

Game #1 vs. H-Bombs

I may have just dislocated my hip typing the team “H-Bombs.”  No explanation needed.

The game started with H-Bombs getting an early boost from another HR by Davis.  How did this happen.  This guy popped out to the third base dugout three times in the first game of the season last year.  Now, he is one of the better hitters in the league.

The SFRC were slow to get going but picked up a few runs every inning and had one big inning finding a way to pull out the win.

The highlight hit was CW’s HR to right-center.  “Darrin, be ready, I’m going to leave the field on Thursday.”

Final Score: SFRC 18 – H-Bombs 13

Last out: ?

Game #2 vs. I’d Hit That

I’m pretty sure every softball league in the country has a team named, “I’d Hit That.”  The “Usually Blessed, Sometimes Cursed, Burnsville D/E Rec league” is no different.

They jumped on us early and often.  Hit after hit after hit.  We found ourselves in a 15-0 hole in the bottom of the fifth inning.  The worst question had to be asked by the ump, “Do you want to keep playing?”  Umm…easy answer.  They scored another couple runs and then the SFRC got their act together.

We scored five runs in the top of the fifth and a couple more in the top of the sixth.  We were threatening to keep the run going, but the game ended at 10pm by rule.  If anyone knows this rule, it was the ump on LL Field E on 5/30/2012.

The bad news is the SFRC lost.  The good news is that they avoided a shutout.

Final Score: SFRC 7 – I’d Hit That 23

Last out: ?

Post game:  I’m pretty sure the SFRC were due.  Due for what?  Due for a night to stay until Thursday.  It was nice out, the beverages were cold and we packed it up early Thursday morning.  This is probably what is needed to turn the tides of splitting every week.

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