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Unthinkable – Sun and then RAIN

If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t believe it….

It was 82 degrees and sunny.  So sunny, in fact, that every fly ball to right was a challenge.

Game #1 vs. Celts

The last meeting between the SFRC and Celts ended with the bad guys getting hit after hit after hit after hit scoring seven runs in the bottom of the 7th to win by one run.

And that’s why we needed a rematch.

The ball felt like mush and the game started very slow.  It was 2-3 after four innings.  Celts ended up pushing a bunch in the 4th inning and took 9-5 lead heading into the bottom of the 7th inning.

Somewhere buried in his books back home we heard Cinco’s rally cry….”We need six to win.”

After a quick out, Thirty-Nate reach on an error.  CP hit a single.  Sans followed with a single of his own.  Pub Krull followed suit and the SFRC were on the board in the 7th.  Matty reach and Brain hit a ball to right that ate up the right fielder tying the game at nine.  Who walked to the plate?  Mr. Clutch, a.k.a #35.  The last time the game was on the line and he  was up to bat, he popped out to the catcher.  A hit or a SAC would win the game.  He walked.  This is success in Mr. Clutch’s world.  CW approached the plate with a chance to win the game or hit into a double play to end in a tie.  BAM!  Line drive single up the middle scoring Brain from 3rd.  BALLGAME!

On our way to SFRCMP Away, Pub Krull was overheard stating, “you can’t win both if you don’t win the first.”  Truer words have not been spoken.  Note – This now proudly sits on the Quotes page.

Final Score: SFRC 10 – Celts 9

Last out: Todd

Game #2 vs. Ziegler (Modified)

I’m going to refer to Ziegler as “Ziegler – Modified” because this is not the same team we have played against for countless years.  This group is a bit younger and feistier.

The SFRC started the game at the dish, scoring no one (not to be confused with Noone).  Zieger – Modified pushed two in the bottom of the first to take a quick lead.  The SFRC bounced back with two of their own in the second and three in the third.  After a lame fourth inning, the SFRC got the bats going again with a run started by Sans that went, SINGLE, out, SINGLE, SINGLE, SINGLE, SINGLE, error, fielder’s choice, SINGLE and pushed five in the inning.

Then the unthinkable happened.  It didn’t just get cloudy or drizzle a bit.  It down-poured.  The SFRC opponent was part of the original Zielger team that participant in a few epic games.  The “Leaf” game, circa 2007 and “Brian Niehaus” night, circa 2010.  However, the rain was no match for SFRCMP away, who merely shed the water aside and allowed the teams to continue playing.

The SFRC scored four more runs in the top of the sixth and exited quickly in the top of the seventh.  Taking a 14-3 lead into the bottom of the seventh.

Ziegler-Modified, didn’t go down so quietly.  They got hit after hit after bloop hit after hit.  They managed nine runs before the SFRC defense decided enough was enough and closed out the game for the first SWEEP of the year.

Final Score: SFRC 14 – Ziegler-Modified 12

Last out: 2’s

Post game:  The skies cleared up and enabled the SFRC faithful to stick around for a couple of hours.  The biggest error of the year?  We ran out of beverages by 10pm.

Fan of the Game:  TO and the Patsy couple

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