Opening Night

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The Journey to 3rd

This should be a good year for the SFRC.  From the moment the schedule came out, we were on the right track.  We are one of two teams listed in ALL CAPS on the schedule.  SKYLINE.  Love it.  For the record, CELTS PUT, another veteran of the Burnsville D/E Rec league went ALL CAPS this year.  I won’t attack them by calling them followers, rather I’ll talk about the LEADERS as trend-setters.

The SFRC season was supposed to start May 1st, 2013.  Unfortunately, the first week was “snowed out.”  The makeup date is July 31st and I’m quite certain it will be 50-60 degrees warmer that day than it was on May 1st.  Two words…”BALM!”

Leading up to the opening night there was a 100% chance of rain.  At 11:30am on game day it was down to 50%.  By 2pm on game day there was a 0% chance of rain.  That is no surprise to any of the Leaders or faithful Leader followers.

What was a surprise is that it actually did rain during Game #1.  Just enough to soften the infield.  The second game was perfect.  The SFRC went 1-1 for the night after scratching and clawing there way back.  Some highlights included a diving catch by Pub Krull in left-center.  Pub Krull also hit two HRs and CW hit one (keeping his streak alive).


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