Opening Night

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Belated Recaps

There are a number of reasons these posts are delayed.  Not the least of which goes something like:

  • Down two
  • Two outs
  • Two runners on base
  • Eight fielders (seven facing ol’ #35)
  • Bottom of the last inning
  • Favorite pitcher on the bump
  • Pop out to the catcher / CLUTCH
Let’s move on….

Week #1 – aka, Sans Birthday

It was a gorgeous night for two.  Two softball games, two meat and cheese setups and definitely two packs of cupcakes.  Thanks Susan.  It’s always fun, unless you are keeping the book of course.

The SFRC with their new 2012 jerseys on their backs took a few innings to get going.  It was a back and forth game and Matty got the SFRC going by launching a HR.  The SFRC were ready for 2012 and had a 13 run inning.  The game ended with the SFRC locking down the defense and holding on to a 21-20 win.

With the sun shining in the batter’s eyes it was a bit of a choppy game.  There were a couple of double plays, another HR from Matty (the early D-League leader).

The SFRC lost 11-13.


Week #2 – The Return to SFRCMP

As the “Editor and Chief” of, this will be intentionally brief.  Just know it was one of the driving forces behind the delayed recaps.  I simply couldn’t get myself to type, “two on, two outs, bottom of the last inning, eight fielders, favorite pitcher of all time……..POPOUT TO THE CATCHER until just now.

I’m pretty sure a bunch of other FRC’s had good games and I apologize for not remembering.  I’m selfish that way.  Final score:  SFRC 17 – H-Bombs 19.

Let’s move on….

SFRC won 13 – 6.

Week #3 – Really?

The SFRC lost to Celts in the bottom of the last inning.  We simply could not get an out.  Frustrating.

As we have seen a number of times, there was lighting all around, but sunglasses were needed on SFRCMP.

In the second game, the Krull kids said it could not be done.  Well, at 11pm’ish they were awaken from a full sleep to find out Pub Krull got on the HR board with three on the evening and the SFRC beat team Ziegler 18-16.  This game was not without incident.  The opposing shortstop got kicked out for arguing calls, Sans accidentally went up the middle and hit the pitcher and Red was all over both.  Sans hitting the pitcher was a tough play.  Obviously Sans doesn’t try to go up the middle, so he felt bad.  On the other hand, he hit the ball extremely hard.  We are all hoping the Ziegler pitcher is doing okay.

How was Game #2 won?  On a walk off HR….out.  That’s right, Ziegler hit a homerun (too many) to end the game.  The SFRC won.

Week #4 – A Trip to Lac Lavon

A trip to Lac Lavon ended with the SFRC splitting yet again (in the continued push for 3rd Place).  SFRC gave up 15 runs in one inning and lost 21-11, but came back in game #2 of the evening and got the sticks going winning 23-13.

There was a bit of “mixup” in some post game relief by one of SFRC’s finest.  See image.  I believe the quote was “I think I missed…maybe a little splash.”

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