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A Friend of Mine Does It with a Lamb

There were countless options to title the recap from June 2, 2016.  In the running:

  • “Second walk-off win in two weeks.”
  • “10 feet, right Red?  Is not always appreciated.”
  • “Playing for third place.”
  • “Mid-season cookout at south beach.”
  • “Mrs. H and Mother Nature’s wishes.”

The fact is, the title of this recap was a direct quote that simply explains why you can never leave softball too early.  You just don’t know what you could miss.  Frankly, this is a top 10 quote of all time.  More impressively, Lars wasn’t involved (in the quote, not the lamb).

Game 1:  SFRC vs. Turd Burglers

Runs were abundant by both teams as there was no lack of hitting.  The sun was out which made fielding on the right side of the field an adventure.  Potter held tough, fighting off the closest star to earth in right field making multiple catches.

The SFRC was down early, 4-2 and 6-3 before pushing eight runs in the top of the 3rd to take an 11-6 lead.  Turd Burglers did not give up and answered with five runs in the bottom of the 4th and pushed a few in the bottom of the last inning (6th due to time) to tie the game.  Whilst the SFRC bent, they did not break.  They easily could have given up and let the game go.  Pete was 4-4 and Kenny was 3-3.  Matty somehow found bad luck and hit a HR for an out.  35 found lightning in a bottle and capitalized on a long ball.  I’m not sure Turd Burglers liked the “10 feet, right Red” comment on the prior pitch, or the lack of hustle by 35 out of the box.

Final Score:  Turd Burglers 16 – SFRC 16

Game 2:  SFRC vs. Below Zero

Below Zero is unique.  They are unique because, individually, they are decent players that can field and hit.  Collectively, they drop down a notch or two.  Perhaps it is just the pressure of the Burnsville D/E Rec league.  As the SFRC switched fields, the sun went directly into the eyes of the Leaders on the left side of the field.  The game was back and forth and the SFRC found themselves in the unusual position of trailing by one going into the bottom of the last inning.  San, ever the LEADER, barked out “we need two to win.”  With inspiration in our ears, 35 found a hole between someone’s legs, and reached on an error.  Kenny flew out to deep right-center.  CHILL  walked to push the tying run to second and winning run on first.  Pub Krull approached the dish with confidence in his eyes.  He roped a line drive to left-center.  The fielder took a step in and then his eyes grew to the size of a Frisbee, whilst 35 could not hear his voice, I could read his mind….”OH CRAP!”  The ball flew over his head.  Both runners scored and Krull ended up with a game-winning triple.  This was the second walk-off win for the SFRC Leaders.

Final Score:  SFRC 17 – Below Zero 16

After the game, we nestled into Lac Lavon South Beach for some processed food.  Processed food and cold beverages inspired an all time quote.  Whilst discussing methods of roasting a swine, we heard, “I have a friend that does it with a lamb.”  Names don’t accompany quotes on the quote page, but it is worth mentioning, Lars is still out of town.

Perfect. Walk Off / Extra ABs / W’s / Leaders

It was a PERFECT night for two.  No bugs, minimal breeze, 75 degrees, cloudy with no chance of rain and 10 Leaders.  The only downside to this evening is that we were light on quotes.  Related:  Lars was surfing in Hawaii and was not available.

Game 1:  The Sons of Pitches vs. SFRC

This game was back and forth with both teams doing what they could to get the upper hand.  In the top of the first, the SFRC (namely 35) allowed four runs to score.  The first batter of the game hit a line drive that hit 35’s foot (error).  The third batter of the game hit a one-hopper off of 35’s wrist (error).  Just brutal fielding.  The SFRC is a team of Leaders.  They were not going to give up that easy, scoring three in the bottom of the first.  The Sons of Pitches had some fire and pushed another six in the top of the second inning to take a 10-3 lead.  The Leaders of the SFRC kept plugging away, answering with three and then one and then five and then one.  In the bottom of the last inning (6th inning due to time) we ran off the field and Sans jumped on the mental game, “We need three to win.”  Pub Krull understood what was needed and quickly singled.  Matty followed that up with a double that was smoked to deep center.  Pauly had (still has) a nice SAC to bring the SFRC within one.  Potter singled setting the table for C20.  Tie game, bottom of the last inning with two outs and C20 at the dish.  BOOM, single.  Game winning walk-off hit.  Err….wait.  We still have time.  Pete up to bat with two outs and up one run.  BOOM, two run home run.  As 35 was walking to the plate in confusion about whether or not the game was over, the ump mumbled, “yeah, we need to call this game…LAST BATTER.”  Single.  That’s clutch for 35.

WALK OFF WINNING HIT BY C20 (with a follow-up HR by Pete and a clutch single by 35 that meant nothing).

Final Score: The Sons of Pitches 15 – SFRC 18

  • Note:  The Burnsville Park and Red site shows a 17-17 tie for this game, whilst we know the SFRC won, it may be best to let that stay a tie.

Game 2:  SFRC vs. Sick SOP

Coming off an exciting walk off win, plus a 2 run HR plus a single, the SFRC were not about to stop.  We had 10 Leaders playing and the game started with the SFRC at the dish.  We came out swinging as we are wont to do.  The first inning looked like this:  C20 = Triple, Pete = Single, 35 = Single, Kenny = Single, CHill = Double, Pub Krull = Double, Matty = Single, Pauly = Walk, Potter = Single, Sans = Rope for an out, C20 (2nd AB of the inning) =  Safe on an error, Pete (2nd AB of the inning) = Single, 35 (2nd AB of the inning) = HR, Kenny (2nd AB of the inning) = Single, CHill (2nd AB of the inning) = Well hit ball to left for an out, Pub Krull (2nd AB of the inning) = Single.  You get the idea.  In total we had 18 Leadership ABs in the top of the 1st inning and tallied 13 runs.  The wind was taken out of the Sick SOP sails.  We were shutdown quickly in the second and third innings, but the 4th inning had 12 Leaders step to the plate with Sans and Potter batting twice in the inning on our way to six runs.  This game was never in question, although Sick SOP did their best with nine players (Matty abused the lack of a second baseman).

Final Score:  SFRC 22 – Sick SOP 14

  • Note: Again the Burnsville Park and Rec website shows a 20-11 loss for the SFRC.  And again, whilst we know the SFRC won, it may be best to let that stay a loss in an effort to get a 3rd Place trophy.

Step Towards 3rd Place

It was Mrs. H.  The sun was out, the air was nice.  Beautiful night for two.  May 19, 2016 is still before Memorial Day.  Numbers don’t lie.  It was bound to happen.  We had to start making our way to 3rd place.  The 6pm game was our first step there.

Game 1:  Jeeper Low Boys vs. SFRC

The SFRC started the game a bit on their heels and gave up five runs to start the game.  We didn’t roll over and quit, rather we answered with two of our own.  We continued our hot streak to start the game.  Single, double, single, FC, F8, single.  The issue was that run were hard to come by throughout this game.  The SFRC ultimately lost.

Final Score:  Jeeper Low Boys 14 – SFRC 7

Game 2: SFRC vs. Sick SOP

After losing the first, we could not let the team stay down for long.  The hits came in bunches.  This was especially true in the second inning when Matty led off with a double.  After a couple of quick outs Potter started a run that went: Potter = Single, Sans = Single, C20 = Single, Pete = Double, 35 = HR, CHill = Triple, Pub Krull = Single, Matty = Triple.  Eventually the run came to an end, but not until the SFRC pushed eight runs to take an 8-5 lead.  Sick SOP could only push one in the bottom of the second and the SFRC answered with another five runs.  Sick SOP did what they could (hit it to third base and by 35 at least four times), but it was not enough.  The SFRC held tough and took the W.

Final Score:  SFRC 17 – Sick SOP 12

“You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first four.”

The cool air was blowing in on Lac Lavon Field B.  The SFRC have never had great results when the wind is blowing in the face of the batter.  It was, however, sunny.  There were 12 leaders ready to take on two games in the cool temperatures.  This was the first games of the year for Pub Krull and Matty.

Game 1:  SFRC vs. Burnsville Braves

The Burnsville Braves are a group of young kids and a couple of their fathers.  Cheers to the Burnsville Braves.  For the second week in a row, the SFRC started the game on fire.  Walk, single, single, single, 3-run homerun.  That resulted in a quick five run lead.  The Burnsville Braves rallied with three in the second.  The leaders of Skyline answered with three of their own.  It was back and forth with neither team taking more than a 5-6 run lead.  With a 10-6 lead and the Burnsville Braves best hitter at the plate with the bases loaded, Al calmly baited him in to a pop out to very short left-center.  No harm.

There was some solid hitting with C20, 35 and Kenny each scoring two runs and Pete scoring three runs.  CHill the body builder continued his hot streak including a 3-run homerun in the first.  Kenny added a grandslam in the 3rd inning.  They are huge, and hit the ball far too.

We must not have left many leaders on base as there were five (of 12) leaders who only had two at-bats in this game.

Final Score:  SFRC 10 – Burnsville Braves 7

Lars on the AttackGame 2:  SFRC vs. ShantyTown Thunder Stix

The 9pm game on May 12 was fairly cool, but the wind was still blowing in the face of the men with sticks, and the guys batting as well.  First innings have been kind and valuable to the SFRC.  Game 2 was no different.  Out, walk, hit, 3-run homerun, homerun.  a quick 4-0 lead.  We improved in the second inning batting 11 and scoring six.  After a couple of pedestrian innings, the SFRC exploded for 15 runs.  These runs were not scored on errors and weak hits.  These were solid knocks all over the park.  The ShantyTown Thunder Stix moved to five infielders and the SFRC still found holes, as they are wont to do (many hits too).  We couldn’t get out and again, it was not due to errors.  We hit so well that two outs during the game came from homeruns after we had already hit two.

Some highlights include:

  • Pete scored five runs
  • CHill 5-5 with a homerun
  • Kenny 3-4 with a homerun and a homerun for an out (5 RBI)
  • 35 was 5-5
  • Matty hit a homerun for an out
  • Lars was roping the ball everywhere for three hits
  • Pauly was lining the ball all over the place
  • Brain was showing range in the field
  • c20 moved around the infield and beat-up the softball
  • Potter scored a pair
  • Sans was 3-4
  • Pub Krull got the season going with three solid hits, including a 298 foot single to right-center

This was not just a game full of “Participation Awards.”  Rather, the fact is every single leader played well.  We didn’t boot many balls and everyone hit.  We scored 29 runs and somewhere forgot to report one of the runs to the ump.

Final Score:  SFRC 29 (+1) – ShantyTown Thunder Stix 7

“You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first four.”

2016 Kickoff on THURSDAY Nights – A Night of Firsts

2016 Kickoff

2016 Kickoff

There are rumors that tradition is hard to break.  Some would go as far as sad.  For supporting information, see the 2010 Soliloquy.  Whilst the SFRC typically kick off the season on Wednesday nights at the end of April, we had two changes.  First, the SFRC are taking their talents to Thursday nights in 2016.  There are a number of reasons for the change, not the least of which is the fact that there is no more Wednesday night league.  It’s a bit of a milestone.  The SFRC have outlasted Burnsville’s Wednesday night leagues.  Secondly, Mother Nature wasn’t having any of us starting at the end of April.

The season was officially to begin THURSDAY, April 28th, Mother Nature threw a 36 degree rainstorm that will delay those games for a better night.  As a side note, I know 35 was disappointed to wait for another week to get started, he woke up on April 29th with a smile knowing there were 24 more games to play and not 22.  That, my fellow leaders, is a more glass of milk “half full.”  I know Kenny was also excited (and happy too) that the games were cancelled as he would have had to miss the double dip whilst sitting in the Phoenix airport.

Cinco de Mayo was a completely different day.  It was 70 degrees and sunny.  Mrs. H, if you will.  We had a number of SFRC “firsts,” which is frankly becoming more and more difficult considering the 25+ year body of work.  We had our first Thursday night summer games (we have played on Thursdays in the fall).  A new night?  New teams?  That can only mean one thing.  It is all new material.  “10 feet, right Red?”  “We’re ready Red.”  “Matty, no one.”  We had our first female umpire.  We had new bats (and familiar old ones).  We had our first games at Alimagnet in at least three years.  We had our first “fan of the night.”  We had our first ice cold Coors Lights of 2016.  And, of course, we had our first “quote worthy quotes” of 2016.  All is well in the land of the Skyline Fighting Red C’s.

Game 1:  SFRC vs. Turd Burglers

The SFRC started the game at the dish.  It was as if they had been playing since January.  Chris 20 = Hit, Pete = Hit, 35 = Hit, Kenny = Hit, CHill = Hit, Brain = Hit, Pauly = Nice SAC (RBI too), Lars = on base, Potter = Hit, Sans = RBI and we were back to the top of the order.  In total, six runs were scored in the inning and everyone in the SFRC lineup accounted for a hit, reached base or had an RBI.  Boom.  2016 was off to a solid start.  The defense bent, but didn’t break, giving up two runs.  We pushed two in the second inning and gave up another two in the bottom of the second.  In the third inning the SFRC exploded for seven runs and allowed two in the bottom of the inning.  The only memorable error was when 35 dropped a bullet from Kenny in CF with a runner approaching third.  Turd Burglers get early credit for being a fun team to play against.

FINAL SCORE = SFRC 16 – Turd Burglers 9

Game 2:  SFRC vs. Below Zero

Below Zero is quite a bit younger than the SFRC.  They also have solid uniforms quite a bit more facial hair.  Not a little scruff, but full on ZZ-Top beards a-plenty.  The collective opinion from the East Side dugout of Alimagnet B was that Below Zero was going to beat of the SFRC and their many years of experience.  With the SFRC starting the game in the field, the top of the first inning only reinforced that belief.  Hit, error, hit, hit, hit and so on.  When the Skyline Fighting Red C’s finally approached the plate, they were down 0-5.  I don’t know much, but I do know that the Skyline Fighting Red C’s won’t quit.  We rallied for two runs, held Below Zero to zero runs, pushed three, allowed three, pushed one, allowed one….It was back and forth.  In the bottom of the 5th inning (second to last inning due to time), the SFRC took a one run lead.  Hold Below Zero and we win.  A runner gets on and the gimp (he hurt his leg earlier in the game) launched a 900 foot homerun to take a one run lead.  There was no panic as we put the gloves away and headed to the plate.  Potter, Al, Chris 20, Pete, 35, Kenny….Sounds like runs.  Potter hit a shot to right and got on base.  Al singled Potter in to tie the game.  35 pushed Al to third and Kenny roped a line drive single up the middle to score the winning run.  Ball game.

FINAL SCORE = SFRC 16 – Below Zero 15

There was lots to love on Cinco de Mayo.  You can’t go undefeated if you don’t win the first two games.  The weather was perfect.  The beer was cold.  CHill was a perfect 7-7, Kenny launched a HR and had a game-winning RBI, 35 pushed a couple of HRs, Brain had 5 RBI, C20 and Lars lined the ball all over the field, Al kept the batters at bay, Pete tracked balls in LC and delivered some solid ABs, Potter pushed balls around the field (and had solid hits), Pauly drove in 3 runs, and Krull enjoyed his Anniversary with Mickey.  Just a solid team performance.  TWICE.

It’s good to be back.  It is definitely good to be back.  Thursday nights feel like they will work well.