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2022 – Week 1 First Pitch

It’s been a rough Minnesota spring.  It feels like we have had nary a day at 60+ degrees.  The Week #1 forecast looked miserable on your favorite Apple or Android app.  45-50 degrees with an 80% chance of rain for most of the days leading up to First Pitch.  

The reality is that the SFRC Almanac (akin to the Farmer’s Almanac) has been in existence longer (established ~1995) than any smartphone application (first apps downloaded in ~2008).  With an established history of more than 25 years, numbers don’t lie.  We played in 50+ degree weather and not a drop of moisture from Mother Nature.  Not in Burnsville.  Not on Leadership Development night.  Not on our watch.

There was a brisk wind blowing balls around (and making some pop flies interesting too) on Lac Lavon Field F.  

How do we remember which is Field F?

  • “Why the F would you pitch to the best hitter in the league with one out in the 7th inning of a shutout?”
  • “F was that ball hit far.”

Game 1: Burnsville Braves @ SKYLINE

The SFRC started strong in the field locking down the young lads bringing back the 1998 Burnsville Braves names in the top of the first inning.  And, as we know how to answer by plating two runs in the bottom of the first. 

The Burnsville Braves 3B made an early season push for the always coveted “3B of the Year” award making several nice plays in the field.

The Burnsville Braves fought with good hearts, but the LEADERS scored in all but one inning securing the win 10-7.  Kenny went deep TWICE in the teeth of the wind (hit two homeruns too).  “You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first.”

Game 2: SKYLINE @ Prestige Worldwide

It’s always a fun game against Prestige Worldwide.  Starting at the dish, the SFRC led the game off with: SINGLE, WALK, SINGLE, SINGLE.  After a couple of outs, the lineup didn’t quit and put a couple more SINGLES in play to score four runs in the top of the first.  Prestige Worldwide felt the pressure and quickly were shutout in their half of the first.  – Wait, who got the first out?  Oh, leadoff.  Focker.

After a relatively pedestrian second inning scoring one run, the middle and bottom of the order caught fire and pushed four more runs in the third inning.  Two more in the fifth and sixth inning created the needed runs to secure a 13-5 victory.  Homeruns by Young Brandon and 35 and several nice plays be Brain at 3B (see 3B of the Year) and Kurty at SS.  Also very solid film by CHill in LF as he caught a few line drives.

Bench Player of the Week: Al Meinke, AKA “SANS”

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