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2021- Week 2

Fresh off a 2-0 start, the SFRC were ready for two more on a wonder night for two softball games.

Two softball games on Lac Lavon Field E. We know it is Field “E” because:

  • Everybody hits homeruns
  • Evaluations (see the summer of 1995)

Game 1 vs. Boys 2 Men:

Boys 2 Men were born AFTER Ol’ #35 started playing softball in Burnsville for the SFRC. The youngins’ were fast and had good arms. There is no doubt they have made it a habit to take the extra base and throw runners out trying to advance.

They also might have been just young enough to overlook the SFRC.

They scored three, we scored four, they scored five, we scored zero, they scored zero, we scored six, they scored five, we scored zero, they scored one, we scored four….It was back and forth. In the top of the 6th (last inning due to time), they scored two runs to take a two run lead.

The SFRC answered with two of there own. A tough, but accurate, call at the plate was the difference in ending the game as a win or a tie.

Result: 20-20 tie.

Again, every LEADER had at least one hit and Memphis Nate and STEVE STEVE STEVE both went 4-5. Memphis Nate hit a ball about 50 feet up on the third spruce back behind the fence.

Game 2 vs. AV American Leagion

AV American Legion looked like a mix of teams from past years.  They were either filling in, or have combined.  Mergers is one way to grow / build a team.  The SFRC has gone the route of Acquisitions.  To each their own, I guess.

The SFRC started slow and getting shutout in the first inning, whilst AV American Legion plated six.  It was an uphill battle all game.  Ultimately, the SFRC has knowledge that we do NOT want to finish in 1st Place and did our best to accept our first defeat of the year with our chins up.

Final score: SFRC 9 – AV American Legion 18


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