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A Gorgeous Night Wasted

In the world of softball weather, you can’t make up days any better than Wednesday, June 3, 2009.  69 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and an ever so faint breeze blowing out.  It was simply a gorgeous night for two.  “Mrs. H,” if you will. 

We missed out on the presence of Lars Sr. due to a potentially bad Council Bluffs sandwich.  It was an unfortunate mishap indeed.  Numbers don’t lie, we don’t lose in the presence of Lars Sr.  We did, however, have a full crew of SFRC faithful.  The Brain family, TO, Patsy and ____, and Mrs. Cinco along with the debut of Poco Cinco. 

The downside is that the FRC were flat.  Flat from the get-go.  The result was an 0-2 evening at the “now-so-foreign” Lac Lavon. 

Game #1 vs. “Sons of Varmits”

The first pitch was thrown at exactly 7:00pm Walt time (generally more accurate than GMT).  The SFRC started playing at about 7:09pm.  The FRC allowed 11 to cross the plate in the top of the 1st.  But in typical FRC fashion, we plated nine of our own in the bottom of the 1st to make it a two run game.  However, the FRC booted the ball and threw the ball all over the field on their way to a 14-21 loss to the “Sons of Varmits.” 

There is no excuse for us losing to this team.  Not when it is the senior players, nor the JV squad that played on June 3rd. 

There were many K’s, pop outs, double plays, etc.  In fact, I think the game ended on a double play.  YUCK.

Final score:   SFRC 14 – Varmits 21

Last out: ???

Plays of the game:

In the field: None.   

At the plate: None. 

Game #2 vs. H-Bomb

We were back and forth with H-Bomb again.  This seems to happen every time we play them.  H-Bomb’s did have 10 players for possible the first time in their franchise’s history.  With Walt behind the dish anything can happen.  The SFRC found a way to stay in this game for awhile.  The wind was blowing out to center on Field A, but no HRs were hit be either team.  The FRC left the bases loaded twice and the FRC shortstop booted a few balls and left his thinker in the dugout on a lineout, and let the runner on third score.  You really don’t see a “SAC” on an F6 too often.  Especially when the ball never left the infield.   

Final score:   SFRC 10 – H-Bombs 15

Last out: ???

Plays of the game:

In the field:  A  minor collision between the rookie right-fielder and the more rookie right center-fielder.

At the plate:  Pub of HGH Krull again showing off his power.   

Fans of the night:

We can’t thank the fans enough for their support.  At one point a blow horn and some wind won you fan of the game, see here.  However, that has been out done.  It is no longer an easy award to win.  The competition was stiff last week.  However, if there was ever a guarantee, it happened on June 3, 2009.  Poco Cinco made his SFRC debut and for that, he automatically wins FAN OF THE GAME!

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