Opening Night

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Red Beans and Sausage

It was a gorgeous night for two (save for the 40+ mph wind gusts).  Numbers don’t lie, the FRC have never been a great team with the fans blowing.  It was nice to see Paht arrive just in time to hit a la Timmy, circa 1998.  There is a link to the schedule on the right or click here.  It includes dates, times AND believe it or not, FIELD LOCATIONS.  I will say, my mind does try to drive to SFRCP on Wednesdays when I am on auto-pilot. 

It was great to close the fields down around midnight and hear stories of “red beans and sausage.”  As the saying goes, “You say poe-TAE-toe, I say poe-TA-toe.”  If you miss the humor, I’d highly recommend sticking around for the post game recaps and beverages.  You never know what you’ll hear.

We have next week off and the Varmits and H-Bombs will have to feel the wrath of a healthy, well rested SFRC squad on June 3rd.  Worth mentioning…These games are at 6pm and 7pm on June 3rd, 2009 at LAC LAVON!!!

Stats are updated here.  Or, you can always find the link at the top of the page.

Game #1 vs. Booze Bros.

With the spotlight in our eyes at the plate it made hitting the first two innings an adventure (see the number of K’s recorded).  The game was back and forth with the wind blowing straight in from left field.  In the 5th the FRC got it going and took a decent lead.  We held them in the top of the 6th and went on to score more in the bottom of the 6th inning. 

There was some confusion when Booze Bros. wanted an infield fly call, but didn’t get it.  They were also fired up when Sans tried to use his “veteraness” (as Trent Tucker would say) and get a runner after Brain made an out.  The Booze Bros. challenged this call with rule book in hand.  That negative energy worked against them as Matty came through with a big two out hit that scored two. 

Final score:   SFRC 17 – Booze Bros. 7

Last out: Mac

Plays of the game:

In the field: We turned a couple of solid double plays.   

At the plate: Pub Krull in no man’s land when he thought there was an infield fly rule called, only to find out there wasn’t. 

Game #2 vs. TC Crush

With Walt behind the dish anything can happen.  The SFRC found a way to stay in this game for awhile.  The wind was blowing out to center on Field A, but no HRs were hit be either team.  The FRC left the bases loaded twice and the FRC shortstop booted a few balls and left his thinker in the dugout on a lineout, and let the runner on third score.  You really don’t see a “SAC” on an F6 too often.  Especially when the ball never left the infield.   

Final score:   SFRC 10 – TC Crush 20

Last out: Matty

Plays of the game:

In the field:  We turned a couple more double plays. 

At the plate:  Sans stayed hot….and got a few hits too. 

Fan (IR fan) of the night:

Todd O.  Softball is always a bit more fun when OB is onsite. 

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