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July 9 (1-1) – Trouble at the new SFRCP

Yet another perfect night for two!  It was sunny with a temperature in the low 80’s.  Early in the day we thought we had 11 leaders playing.  By 2pm we were down to 10 leaders.  In the back of everyone’s SFRC contract, you will see:

per·se·ver·ance   /ˌpɜr səˈvɪər əns/ [pur-suhveeruh ns]  –noun


steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.


Game 1 vs. Bumpers (2nd Place)

The game started with tough hops, including one of the ankle of our very own 22 at third base.  It was looking a bit swollen (inflamed if you will).  Soon after there was a collision with “play’n’skin” and 2’s that took a toll on 2’s noggin.  We benefited from a couple of very questionable calls by “Rojo.”  Unfortunately, the FRC never got their bats going.  The took it on the chin 12-4.  What makes this so surprising is that this happened on Neill Field A…again!  The SFRC are 2-3 this season at the new and improved SFRC Park.  Maybe it just takes a little time to warm up to the new surroundings.  


Game1 Highlights:

  • Greg Krull hitting a ball 296 feet…just short of a HR
  • “Skin’n’play” with a couple of over-the-shoulder catches from short


Game 2 vs. H-Bombs (4th Place)

The FRC took on a short-handed H-Bombs squad.  The field looked open, but the FRC couldn’t get the bats going.  The game was back and forth for all seven innings.  We took the lead early and had a shutout going through three innings.  The H-Bombs batter hit a deep ball to straight away center.  Matty hussled to the spot and made a great catch…except somehow he fumbled it when he tripped.  The ump, with his back to the field, got talked into changing his call and the batter scored breaking up the shutout and essentially opening the flood gates.  If one guy hit it over our heads, all nine batters hit it over our heads…three times each. 


In typical Fighting RC fashion, we pulled it together and had an inning for the ages.  A 13-run inning.  Bloop hits, line drives, hits to right field, full swing bunts and a 299.5 foot hit by Pub Krull.  All of this with the encouragement of a blowhorn and Patsy’s lungs. 


In the top of the seventh H-Bombs didn’t quit.  They made a game of it, but the FRC held on for a 23-18 victory.  FR!


Game 2 Highlights:

  • 3-6-5 double play (yes, 3-6-5…Mikey to Skin’n’Play to 2’s)
  • Lars with a highlight catch in left falling backwards near the fence
  • Matty tracking one down in deep right-center all the way from left-center
  • 13 run inning

LAST OUT (beverages next week)

Game 1 = Pat at third base

Game 2 = ????


Fan of the game: I’ll just say it now.  If you bring a blowhorn to FRC Park and you go ahead and throw some wind through that thing….You are the fan of the game.  I don’t think this can be debated.  The bar has officially been raised.  JoAnn and friends, your work is cut out for you.  Patsy was clearly the fan of the game!  Looking forward to more fans next week.


4 comments to July 9 (1-1) – Trouble at the new SFRCP

  • Joanne

    Fair enough, especially since I basically left after the first game.

    Nods to Patsy, A.K.A “Miller Time” and her horn. I’m not sure how Trish and I are going to trump her next week…we’re running out of time….

  • 35

    Don’t sell yourselves short. I’m sure you’ll come up with something for next week. Also, don’t worry about the fact that we lose when you are there and win when you are not there. We always want you to attend.

  • Joanne

    Basically I am the worst fan ever.

  • […] fans enough for their support.  At one point a blow horn and some wind won you fan of the game, see here.  However, that has been out done.  It is no longer an easy award to win.  The competition was […]

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