Opening Night

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2019 Opening Pitch (with Meat Tray)

Two weeks into April, 2019 it did not look good to start the season on April 25th. There was snow, rain and cold weather. The SFRC needed the snow to melt and the fields to dry out to be able to open their season as scheduled.

And the softball Gods listened.

April 25, 2019 was Mrs. H. 70 degrees and mostly sunny. A slight breeze that was shifting directions throughout the night and Neill B, aka “SFRCMP Away” was ready!

Game 1: SFRC vs. Portland Orange (6PM…meaning, 6PM, CENTRAL TIME)

There were concerns that we wouldn’t have a game as we didn’t see a single opposing player until 5:50pm when we saw all 14 players show up on the bus that had parked in Pauly’s spot well past Neill B. Lars was there (see quote page) and ready to step up to help the SFRC field 10 players.

With Pub Krull on the bump to start the game we had “MATTY, NO ONE… TOP! Play’s at 1B!” Mid-season form and with a team we had never played we had ALL NEW MATERIAL!

We gave up one run in the top of the 1st, but answered when Steve went deep on his first swing of the year, hitting a HR as well. And the SFRC were off an running with a 3-1 lead. The SFRC bats were just getting started. Everyone who had an AB had at least one hit. C20 managed FIVE hits and Pete touched home five times. All he does is score runs. Krull put it on lock own over the next several inning allowing only five runs for the game (not all earned).

After validating that we did, in fact, play at 6pm on Neill B, “LEADER in training,” Pauly made his SFRC debut in the 5th inning. Welcome aboard.

Final Score: SFRC 23 – Portland Orange 5

Game 2: Creative Care Auto vs. SFRC

Game #2 of the evening was a much more competitive game. We plated one run in the top of the 1st and CCA matched with one of their own. The uneventful second inning left the score 1-1. In the top of the 3rd, Pauly reached first which woke up the SFRC bats. Kenny, Pub Krull, Pete and 35 followed with singles and Steve, C20 and Marky Mark made sure everyone scored on our way to a five run inning and a 6-1 lead. The game went back and forth over the next few innings as Pauly and Krull switched from P to RC and back. Heading into the 7th inning the SFRC and CCA were tied 16-16. Robert led off the inning and seven batters later Ol’ 35 made the first out. The hits kept coming and the SFRC kept crossing home. 10 runs laters, we had a 26-16 lead. CCA plated three uneventful runs and the SFRC locked down the three outs they needed for the win.

I believe the official scorebook has Pub Krull with the Win and Save. Possibly a SFRC “first.”

Final Score: Creative Care Auto 19 – SFRC 26

Fan of the Night: Susan. We have had one night of softball and I’m going to be honest, it will be difficult for anyone to claim the “Fan of the Year” spot after Susan brought a meat tray and cupcakes.

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