Opening Night

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A Thrashing and Hustling to Make it Close

The weather was cool, but the sun was out at Alimagnet A. It was a nice night for two, per the norm.

Game 1: Glory Days vs. SFRC

As the home team we did what LEADERS do and shut down the heart of Glory Days’ order by allowing exactly zero runs. Unfortunately, after a couple of hits we were not able to plate any on the good half of the inning either. Luckily the SFRC defense continued. This time we answered their zero with three runs to take a 3-0 lead. After making quick work with defense, the SFRC bats came alive. 35 hit a single. Kenny answered with a “no-doubter” homerun. C20, Marky Mark, Robert, CHill and Pauly all reached base and Potter drove in a runner. Pub Krull showed us his nice SAC and Pete restarted a rally before 35 killed it, but not before the SFRC had scored six runs to take a 9-0 lead. After allowing two meaningless runs on defense, the bats picked up where they left off scoring another seven runs to make sure the result was set.

To the film room we go…

Final Score: Glory Days 3 – SFRC 19

Game 2: SFRC vs. Shanty Town

The SFRC bats were ready to start this game plating four runs in the top of the 1st. Shanty Town can hit as well and answered with two runs in the bottom of the 1st. After scoring one run in the top of the 2nd, Shanty Town found all kinds of grass en route to an eight run inning to take a 10-5 lead. The game was back and forth for a couple of innings before Shanty Town threw another six down to take a 19-8 lead heading into the top of the 6th (and final) inning. The top of the 6th inning was almost one for the ages. Pete = single, 35 = single, Kenny = double, c20 = walk, Marky Mark = single, Robert = single, CHill = FC / RBI, Pauly = reaches safely, Potter = single, Krull = reaches base, Pete = single, 35 = HR and then somehow, someway, that was it, but the SFRC scored 12 times and had the lead…20-19.

Unfortunately, Shanty Town found a little daylight and plated two to win the game in the bottom of the inning. This was a fun back and forth game with lessons to be learned all around. Lesson 1: Never count the SFRC out of a game.

Final Score: SFRC 20 – Shanty Town 21

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