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It Just Wasn’t in the Cards

Another great night for TWO!  The wind was swirling with gusts up to 20mph according to weather center.  The FRC were without Sans, fresh off his completed Master’s degree vacationing somewhere in the South.  We were also without “Cinco,” who was tending to “Poco Cinco.”  On a positive note we welcomed back 2’s, Paht and Skin ‘n’ Play. 

The SFRC will not end the season undefeated.  It just wasn’t in the cards.  Runs like that just don’t happen anymore.  We have heard too much about the 1972 Dolphins and the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers.  But we may never see teams like that again.  There is simply too much film and scouting these days (see SFRC film room sessions Nov ’08 – March ’09). 

Per the norm, the SFRC stuck around for a few refreshments.  We discussed an email exchange with Peter Vecsey.  If you care, there is a link to the right that has a copy of the email.  Or click HERE.

Game #1 vs. Celts

There was a little confusion to start the game as the FRC weren’t sure who was going to take the bump since we were “sans” “sans.”  Skin ‘n’ Play took the challenge and pitched a solid game.  The game was back and forth throughout.  Entering the bottom of the 7th leading by three the FRC heard the call from the opposing dugout “We need three to tie.”  You will never hear that negativity from the FRC dugout.  We said it last week and we’ll say it again.  If you are hoping to tie, you deserve to lose.  Is it anymore effort to yell out “We need four to win!”  The karma Gods  took over in the field and held the Celts scoreless on their way to a 10-7 win.  There were many nice plays in the field throughout the game.  Great catches in the outfield by CW, Pub Krull, Matty and Lars.  Runners thrown out at third on a nice relay by Kurty. 

Final score:   SFRC 10 – Celts 7

Last out: ??

Plays of the game:

In the field: For the first out of the game Lars went back to the wall and caught a 298 foot shot.    

At the plate: As a team, the FRC were still hot (and got quite a few hits as well).  We are waiting for the updated stats, but memory remembers Ryan on base quite often and Lars taking two bases at a time again.

Game #2 vs. Edina Realty (a.k.a. B-Company)

The SFRC found a way to stay in this game and had it tied through five innings. In the top of the 6th the bad guys got the hits going and we were lucky enough to get out of the inning thanks to some HR outs.  Pub Krull proved his HGH off season was worth it by hitting a solo shot in the bottom of the 6th.  The top of the 7th brought more of the same, many solid hits by the bad guys.  They just proved too much for the mighty SFRC on this night. 

Final score:   SFRC 15 – Edina Realty 27

Last out: ???

Plays of the game:

In the field:  A botched triple play by Ol’ 3-5.  A couple of nice plays in right by CW including one where he stuck his glove up in the air after he heard the ball go by his ear and made the catch. 

At the plate:  Waiting for the official stats, but the FRC hit three balls over the fence.  Matty was the unlucky recipient of recording a 310 foot “out.”    35 is pretty sure Ryan hit well because 35 did a lot of running for him. 

Fan of the night:

A solid showing by the SFRC faithful.  OB came to cheer on the good guys and JoAnn and dog were there as well.  A new fan, Cassie, enjoying her first SFRC game at SFRC Park, B also was in attendance. 

“Matty no one!  Top!”

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