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September 3 (0-2) – Frustration for All

This was officially fall ball. The temp was in the low to mid 60’s.  We had leaders missing for their American Idol / Dancing with the Stars Fantasy Drafts.  Luckily, we were able to track down a few other leaders willing to help out the SFRC at SFRCP.  A special thanks to the “extras.”

Game 1 vs. Franchise Sports (2-2)

The FRC started out on fire, batting around in the top of the first scoring eight runs. Four of those runs came on another clutch HR by 35. Just to clarify, when the word clutch is used in the same sentence as 35, we are defining clutch as “first inning, no outs.” In the bottom of the first 35 accounted for more runs as he threw a ball in the dirt and let a pop up over his head hit the glove and find grass. The game went back and forth with one team scoring two runs, the other coming back with three. Cinco hit a blast that got lost in the night somewhere for a HR. The FRC booted balls everywhere and couldn’t score when we needed to. The FRC finished on the short end of this battle on Neill Field B.

Play of the Game: The SFRC were in the field. Franchise Sports had a runner on first and one out. There was a line drive hit down the first baseline. It smoked the runner standing on firstbase and bounced up in the air. An alert Cinco caught the ball. The ump called the runner on first out and the batter was awarded first base. At the end of the night a clarification was made. This was a live ball. Technically, the batter should have been out and the runner safe (assuming he never left the base).

Game 2 vs. Dragon Creek Carrier (4-1)

Again the SFRC brought it early taking a 4-3 lead after one. Unfortunately, the frustration in the field continued and continued and continued some more. Leading 10-5, DCC scored nine runs in the fourth and 10 in the fifth. This was as bad of a game as the SFRC have played in years. I think little jc summed it up best saying what everyone wanted to say. This clip may not be verbatim, but this is close…..

WARNING – The audio is not appropriate for an office computer.  You may want to listen to this in the privacy of your own home….Or, stop by SFRCP some Wednesday evening:

The 17 F-Bombs thrown in this clip may have been about a half of what we heard from deep right on SFRCP Wednesday evening, but the anger was comparable and the rest of the squad may have felt the same way (many errors on 9/3/08).

Play of the Game: N/A

Fan of the Night: N/A

Before our next games, we may start with a team hug.  “It’s just D” on three.  1-2-3….

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