Opening Night

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September 10 (0-2) – Disaster at Neill

This recap is late.  I’d like to say I was busy, which is somewhat true, but the reality is that I just didn’t want to relive the experience that was September 10th, 2008.

Game 1 vs. Property Clam Solutions (2-5, 6th place)

This game ended because of time, but truth be told, this game ended because it was going to get ugly.  Surprisingly the final was a FRC loss 11-19.  It did not feel that close.  Again we booted the ball all over the field.  The leader of this mess was 35, misplaying routine balls and taking one off the chin.  2’s took one of the shin, which left quite a mark. 

Game 2 vs. US Bank (4-4, 5th place)

This was ugly from the first pitch.  More errors, more botched plays by 35.  The SFRC never had a chance, losing 21-3.  GC hit the first HR of his storied return, a line drive to left-center.  Sans made a heck of an effort fielding a ball to his backhand and jumping and throwing to ALMOST get the batter.  It looked graceful. 

Play of the Game: Sans jumping and throwing (and not tearing anything) was a close second to…..Sans, as if it were 1997.  The batter took his time getting to the plate.  Dug in, called time, restrapped his gloves, etc.  Sans dropped the ball on the pitching rubber and walked back to second base.  I am not sure the batter knew what happened.  I LOVE IT!  This is classic. 

Fan of the Night: Tough decision, with plenty of options….JoAnn, because she was there for one game.

Worth noting: Sans didn’t get out at the plate.

Let’s just move on to September 17th and start over.  As a rule the SFRC play better in fall league when they play at 6pm and 7pm.  Numbers don’t lie.

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