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September 17 (1-1) – Numbers don’t lie

What can I say, the SFRC are just a better team in fall league playing the early games when the temperature is above 70 degrees and there is very little wind.  Numbers don’t lie.  It was a perfect night for two.  Good for the FRC sticking around for a couple hours after the games. 

Game 1 vs. TC Crush (5-2, second place)

Good things happen when a team doesn’t give six outs per inning.  The SFRC defense was solid in Game 1 on a somewhat suspect field.  The best fields in the midwest did not look like they were dragged prior to the games.  No matter, the FRC locked it down and held on for an 8-6 win.  Solid play all around the field.  Big catches in right by 2’s, diving catches in left-center by Aaron Rogers and cat-like reactions from Sans on the mound. 

Last out: Matty

Game 2 vs. Speedy Turtles (5-2, second place)

Averages have a way of evening things out.  The FRC were a 3-5 team entering the second game of this double dip, and they were coming off a win.  It just wasn’t in the cards….numbers don’t lie.  The FRC were due for a loss and the Speedy Turtles were there to deliver it.  The FRC didn’t go down easy.  The defense was mostly solid, we just came a few hits short.  Well, quite a few hits short.  A 14-7 loss.  1-1 for the evening. 

Last out: Matty

Fan of the Game: We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again….when you attend the first SFRC game of your lifetime, you get to be “Fan of the Game.”  With all due respect to Mrs. C, Holum and Big T, the Fan of the Game was clearly Kaylee.

Things we don’t need to see / hear again: The ball hitting the second baseman’s face in the game after ours.  Yuck.  Nose split wide open, blood everywhere. 

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