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August 27 (0-1-rain) – The Return of GC

The weather was dicey, but the fans came out. The game time temperature was roughly 70 degrees. The lighning and rain were on their way.

Game 1 vs. someone

The FRC were undefeated heading into the second week of fowl ball. Of course the two wins came from the first base dugout. On this night, we were back to our old home on the third base line. That dugout didn’t work too well for us in the summer and it certainly didn’t work too well for us this night either. We scratched and clawed our way to a close game through four innings, playing a team that is quite a bit better than the FRCs. A big boost came from the freshly dusted off GC. Another big help was the grandslam by Cinco (nobody hits a ball at eye height better than Cinco). The entire lineup kept the game close (with the exception of 35, who absolutely awful). Heading into the bottom of the fifth inning, the game was knotted up at 11. Unfortunately, the hit parade was just beginning. After two outs (a third went under 35’s glove) and 15 runs, the game was over. The first loss for the SFRC on the fall season.

Last out: Sans – This happened to be the first out fall league for Sans.

Fans of the game: Trish, JoAnn and Patsy for braving the environment.

Game 2 vs. Speedy Turtles

The ump had fear in his eyes. He did not like the lightning in the sky. He called the game. Upon further review, we decided to give it a try. The SFRC took the field as the home team. One out, two outs….a ball off the top of the fence for a double, fly to left = 3 outs. The last time the FRCs played on Neill Field B (a.k.a. SFRCP Away) we scored 19 runs in the 8th inning. We picked up where we left off. We scored six runs, had two outs and a runner on third with Sans up when the ump decided he had seen enough. He called the game. Some know this as the six run after one rule. 35 hit another clutch HR, if we define clutch as first inning of a game that is called in the first inning because of weather. Speedy Turtles had no idea what they were in for if the Red hadn’t called the game.

Fan of the game: Cousin Nate

Last out: Lars (this is debatable, I know….we need a ruling….this was the last out of a game that was called due to weather)

Night: The FRCs stuck around to enjoy one of the most important events of any softball evening – the refreshments (per the norm). The newly upgraded dugouts offer shelter and the coolers still worked.

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