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August 20 (2-0) – Starting > .500

Fowl Ball…Foul Ball…FALL BALL has started!  It was a perfect night for two at Neill Field A (per the norm).  Plenty balmy.  The night started differently than other games at SFRCP over the past 14 years.  We were moved to the first baseline dugout for starters.  We also had a trifecta thrown in the maintenance closet.  As far as the team is concerned, these were good moves.

Game 1 vs. US Bank (0-0 first game)

It was a pitcher’s duel from the first pitch.  The FRC had 10 leaders.  US Bank had 12 guys who looked exactly the same.  The score was tied 3-3 in the fifth inning.  US Bank scored one in the bottom of the sixth to take a 4-3 lead.  But, in typical SFRC fashion, the team of leaders came up with clutch hit after clutch hit after smart management and continued with more clutch hits on their way to four runs in the top of the seventh to take a 7-4 lead.  In the bottom of the seventh US Bank started off with a single.  Sans threw a screwball and a soft liner that bounced turned into a routine double play extinguishing any comeback hopes for US Bank. 

The FRC were above .500 since MMVII….

Last out: Lars was the unlucky leader to get last out of the first fall league game.

Game 2 vs. Ziegler

Entering the game, the Ziegler had the edge against the SFRC for 2008 softball year.  We were 1-2-1 against Team Ziegler in ’08.  However, Team Ziegler may still have been recovering from the 19-run outburst we put on them in the 8th inning of the second to last summer league game. 

The game was back and forth, which has been the case in this matchup all year.  Ziegler had a 10-6 lead, but the FRC had the bases loaded.  Cinco stepped to the plate and hit a ball out of Field A and onto Field B for a grand-slam.  The HR traveled at least 330ft.  It was 10-10 heading into the bottom of the fifth.  The FRC strung together a number of hits on their way to 10 runs to take a 20-10 lead.  In the top of the sixth Ziegler mounted a seven run rally to close the gap to 20-17.  Unfortunately for them, time was running short.  The leaders of the FRC hit long enough to end the game on time (even without scorign a run).

The FRC continued above .500 for the first time since “naught-seven.” 

Fan of the Game: _______________ (umm…no fans)

Player of the night: Sans, who did not get out in either game (of course he walked too).

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  • Jonny Drama

    Walk there’s no walking in fall ball ,foul ball ,fowl ball.That should be a case.Looks like you guys are playing good ball.I can quietly walk away from my FRC career..

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