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Fall Ball – Mrs. H

I don’t know much, but I do a night worthy of being called Mrs. H when I see one.  Thursday, September 18, 2014 was “Mrs. H.”  It was just an ideal night for playing two softball games.

We picked up a FNG, “Joel” from the Bloomington league to man left field for an evening.

Game 1 vs. Auto-Ballers

The Skyline Fighting Red C’s were not about losing innings against Auto-Ballers.  They’d score two, we’d score four.  They’d score three, we’d score four.  They would score one, we would score two.  As a math major, I can tell you, it’s tough to lose games when you win every inning.  At one point, with runners and first and second a selfish player for Auto-Ballers swung at ball three and intentionally missed in an attempt to get on via a hit.  The next pitch Kenny delivered coaxed Mr. Selfish into fouling out behind the plate.  Ouch.  Later in the inning, after a deep shot to left, a couple runs scored and the runner tried to get third.  Joel threw a one hop strike from left to get the runner out.  Clearly Joel is a qualified leader.

In the top of the 7th, with the SFRC up 17-13, Auto-Ballers started to string a few hits together.  However, there was no quit in the field.  Everyone was playing their positions, backing each other up, talking and doing what leaders do to win games.  Auto-Ballers managed to push two runs, but this game was never in doubt.  SFRC won, 17-15.

Two different angles to Pete’s triple to right-center:

Pauly with an RBI single.

CHill with a solid single to left.

Potter with a 2 RBI stand-up triple.

Ball JUMPS off of Kenny’s stick.

Game 2 vs. Spunk Masters (or is it Buck Masters?)

Most of the players on the Buck Masters seem like nice guys.  There were a couple that give the Burnsville D-Low league a bad name.  Middle, middle, middle, middle.  Enough already.  Middle, middle, middle.

The leaders of the SFRC started the game by batting 15 men and plating 10.  That’s how you start a game.  The Buck Masters came back with seven of their own.  This was a back and forth game with no team finishing an inning up more than six runs.  There was plenty of excitement to go around.  Homeruns by Kenny, Chris20, Krull and ol’ #35.  Triples by Pete and Potter.  Lars going long over the left-fielder’s head.  Lots of leaders beating the five man infield.  Evidence below.

The bottom of the 7th arrived with the SFRC up five runs.  Unfortunately, Buck Masters put a few hits together and walked off with a one run victory.  SFRC 22 – Buck Masters 23

The good news is we play two next week.

Lars beats them deep.

Potter beats the five infielders (hits the ball through all the defense too).

CHill joined the party.



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