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July 23 (1-1) – Ending near .500

The much anticipated “BBQ Night” provided many long lasting memories.  Again, it was a perfect weather night for softball.  All of the teams brought fans and it was standing room only at SFRCP.  Cinco’s guarantee didn’t quite pan out, but we love the boldness.

Game 1 vs. Team Ziegler (seventh place)

Team Ziegler was as tough as any team the SFRC played this season.  SFRC were 0-2-1 against Team Ziegler entering the second to last game of the season.   The game was back and forth with each team scoring runs throughout the game.  The FRC were up a few runs heading into the seventh inning but Ol’ 35 booted one ball and couldn’t corral a blooper and the game was tied after seven innings.  With the other game still being played the ump asked if we wanted to play an extra inning.  Obviously the FRC did and, per the norm, the eighth inning was owned by the RC’s.  After booting a ball in the seventh, 35 hit a two-run HR in the top of the eighth.  At first it seemed like a truly clutch HR, but 15 minutes and 23 batters later, the HR was as meaningless as any other HR 35 has hit this year.  Yes, the RC’s went off for 19 runs (25 total batters) in the top of the eighth inning en route to a 34-18 thrashing.  True Team Ziegler and SFRC were competitive through seven innings on four occasions this season, but if these games went eight innings, it wouldn’t be close.  The facts and numbers don’t lie. 

The 19 runs scored in the 8th inning were clearly a SFRC record for runs in one inning.  The 34 runs scored in a game was unofficially the second most scored by the FRC (35 were scored against Key Cadillac in the late 90’s).

Note 1: The last out of the infamous 8th inning was an intentional out by “skin’n’play.” 

Note 2: The FRC infield tried to bail out Cinco from a dropped triple play earlier in the season.  There were runners on first and second with no outs.  A ground ball was hit to short, we tagged the runner, flipped to second, threw to first and missed him by a step.  Lo siento, Cinco (I’m sorry, Five). 

Highlights: Skin’n’play hit two inside the part HRs.  At least one was a grand-slam.  Just fun to watch and more running than most anyone else is willing to do.

Game 2 vs. Varmits (second place)

As usual, the Varmits lulled the opposition to sleep with their snail’s pace game.  The FRC game out of the gates with a few runs, but Varmits came back and dinked and dunked the defense for 13 runs.  The RC defense moved around plenty in Game #2, but couldn’t make a return to the electrifying 8th inning of Game #1.  Varmits outlasted the FRC’s 13-7 to end the summer schedule. 

Post game: It was a perfect night to continue a FRC tradition and cook out after the final summer games.  Thanks to all the players and fans for their support.  It was a great evening to hang out and share some laughs. 

Fan of the game: It was the first night of the season where there was real competition for “Fan of the Game.”  Because of the difficulty and the split voting, we broke the night down into two games.  Fan of the game (Game #1): Oliver.  Anytime you are making the first SFRC appearance of your lifetime, you get to be “Fan of the Game.”  This is especially true when you are the author’s son.  Fan of the game (Game #2): Trish sporting her custom made SFRC shirt.  Quotes were pulled from the official website and the colors were within spec.  Just a great ending of the summer season for the fans of the game!  Special thanks: To Senior Lars for making the trip from Arizona!

Something to look forward to…

Foul Ball!


Coming in just a few weeks…. 

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