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Gusto Guy Uniforms are Undefeated

Blurry, but SEXY!

The Gusto Guys lost their Schlitz uniform virginity last night.  Numbers don’t lie.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys have never lost whilst wearing their Schlitz uniforms.  Worth noting, at least 90% of the squad looks sharp, svelte and dare I say, SEXY, in their new uniforms.  She was chilly and breezy for the 8pm and 9pm games on Cinco de Mayo, 2010.  But the Gusto Guys have never let the conditions dictate their play.  They simply persevere.  They fight.  They battle.  And on Cinco de Mayo on Skyline Fighting Red C Memorial Park (SFRCMP), they WIN.

Game #1 vs. Edina Realty BCO

Leading off for the Schlitz Gusto Guys is a badge wearing Schlitz Gusto Guy member (Pub Krull).  Worth noting, Pub Krull was also the Schlitz Gusto Guy of the month for March, 2010.  On the first pitch of the game, on the first swing in a Gusto Guy jersey, BAM, a homerun to centerfield.  This was the second week in a row that Pub Krull started the SGGFRC night off with a homerun.  Numbers don’t lie.  That immediately put the opposition on their heels.  The Schlitz Gusto Guys kept the heat on kept hitting and running and scoring and hitting and running and scoring and hitting and running and scoring.  All 10 leaders hit well and everyone had either two or three hits as the team accumulated 26 total hits, scoring 23 times.  Matty also had a “no-doubter” over the fence in left-center.  Pauly was a solid 3-3 and had a nice sac too.  In the field nice plays were made by Niehaus, CW, Ryan and Brain turning a double play.  Sans recorded another strikeout on the mound.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 23 – Edina Realty BCO 6 (five innings)

Last out: There is a 15-run rule after five innings.  In the bottom of the 5th, the run to go up 15 scored, then the run to go up 16 scored and then the run to go up 17 scored.  The rally stopped when Ryan smoked a line-drive to third for the final out of the inning.  As we were taking the field, the ump let us know the game was over by the 15-run after five mercy rule.  In theory, Ryan should never have batted in the inning, the game was already won.  However, a team-rule is a team-rule and Ryan got the last out of this offensive explosion of a game.

Game #2 vs. Celts Pub

We simply started where we left off in Game #1…Hitting, running, scoring…hitting, running, scoring…again and again and again.  We batted around in the first inning, the second inning and the third inning.  At one point in the first inning the Celts Pub pitcher asked, “Is there a 20 run 1st inning rule?”  I think he was serious.  Ryan had two triples to revenge his last out of the first game and Pub Krull had another homerun enroute to a 4-4 game.  Niehaus was also 4-4 in Game #2.  Sans was ripping the ball all evening.

Defensively we were solid with only one error on record.  Al made two nice defensive plays on the same ball throwing to first and then jumping off the mound to cover first as the ball went by Pub Krull.  Kurty also made a couple of nice plays in the field.

Final Score: Schlitz Gusto Guys 27 – Celts Pub 4 (five innings)

Last out: C-W

Fan of the night: Braving the cold in a hood, blanket and coffee…BRANDI

Quote of the night: “I screwed myself and I didn’t have to leave my house.”

A few things worth noting:

  • The 2009 Schlitz Gusto Guy Sportsman of the Year (Brian Niehaus) started the year on fire going 7-8 with a double on the night.
  • As a team wearing their Schlitz jerseys, the Schlitz Gusto Guys are batting .591 and averaging 25 runs/game.
  • #35 didn’t have an error in two full games.  That may be the first time in years (of course he was catching too).

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